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"He made known his WAYS to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel" Psalms 103:7

God in Science

20 Scientific Points that show that a Creator was involved in our beginning.

1. Something can not come from absolute nothing – never been duplicated by observable science. Where did the quark-gluon plasma come from?

2. Life can not just happen to inanimate objects (unless you believe in Pinocchio) – never been duplicated by observable science.

3. Universe temperature is uniform. – if there were “older” parts of the universe the temperature would vary.

4. Complex single cells must appear in a collective state (all at once) and not bit by bit.
“If evolution were true it required DNA evolving in parallel synchronization with cell operation, an impossibility without intelligence.” Dr. Dean Kenyon

5. Where did the original DNA coding come from? Where did additional DNA coding come from to “upgrade” it to another type of taxonomy.

6. Which “Vital Organ” wasn’t vital until it evolved- or did they need to all apear in a collective state?

7. Where is this “common ancestor” that nobody has ever seen or been able to successfully duplicate by observable science – see point 20.

8. First and Second Law of Thermodynamics.
(if energy cannot be created or destroyed it has no beginning or end and thus must be connected to an Eternal Source – not nothingness).

9. Newton’s Third Law.
(there must be an “actioner” to begin the universal reaction).

10. Chromosome Biology.
(nothing can be biologically improved unless the “improvement” already exists – where did the DNA coding come from?).

11. Time itself.
(Time does not begin in any direction or dimension unless an event occurs – an event only occurs with energy) – includes multiverse. You honestly can’t have nothing and the nothing starts something.

12. Not to mention the numerous professors of science who believe in the existence of God.

13. Kalam Cosmological Argument (debated but never debunked).

14. Ontological Argument (debated but never debunked).

15. The Morality Argument (debated but never debunked).

16. Properly Basic Argument (debated but never debunked).

17. Fine Tuning Argument (there was nothing and then nothing had multiple amounts of factors occur at once to start everything pertaining to life – debated but never debunked).

18. No trees older than approx 6000 years.

19. Even astronomy has the Orion and Pleiades argument.

20. “there is no experimental evidence for evolution in the strict sense, empirically showing that “A led to B led to C” either ontogenetically or phylogenetically.” despite billions of dollars spent worldwide.

Nuff said