Bible Covenants

"He made known his WAYS to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel" Psalms 103:7

Can God be a Man?


“God is not a man that He should lie” Numbers 23:19

What “man” did Jacob fight with whom Jacob called Elohim (God)? Genesis 32

What “man” did Joshua worship? Joshua 5


Can God be a Man?

At least twice in Torah Scripture we learn that a Divine being was clearly called a “man”.  Not an angel; a man.

There are possibly other times, such as the man who was speaking to Abram before destroying Sodom, but that event is not as clear as the “man” who spoke with Jacob and Joshua.

1. The “man” who wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32) was eventually revealed to be “Elohim” (often translated as “God) and this Elohim had the authority to change Jacob’s name to Israel – which only the Almighty has authority to do.

2. The “man” who met with Joshua in (Joshua 5-6) was so powerful that He told Joshua to take his shoes off because the ground was holy.  This is the exact statement of the Almighty when speaking to Moses from the burning bush.   This man then spoke to Joshua as the very One who led Israel out of captivity.  


When Numbers 23:19 is mentioned (God is not a man that He should lie), this must be taking in context that God is not like man and is high above all things.  But God can not be limited, and as such may have indeed revealed himself as a man to Jacob, Joshua, potentially others but especially as Yeshua Mashiach – Jesus Christ.